Turn Waste into Wealth

Cash is lying around everywhere in companies. It’s piled to the ceilings in warehouses and on shelves, hiding in plain sight as inventory. It litters administrative offices, disguised as incorrect invoices, late billings, incomplete forms, input errors, sloppy requests from salespeople. It languishes in the countless places a customer’s order can hide as it crawls from order entry to production and shipment. It sits in business’s lobbies waiting for sales calls to start.

All that cash is retrievable, gettable, bankable available for re-investment and dividends. Turn Waste into Wealth will help you get that cash by becoming a Lean company.

Mark DeLuzio, principle architect of the vaunted Danaher Business System that has led companies to world-class performance, presents hard-hitting tips and numerous case histories that will help you make your company Lean. You’ll learn:

  • Why Lean is the modern way to run any organization
  • Eleven steps to transform your organization to a Lean culture
  • What leaders must do to insure a successful Lean transformation
  • Lean accounting practices that promote Lean behaviors
  • The Lean rules for capital expenditure decision making
  • How to identify and deal with Lean naysayers
  • What and why to benchmark
  • The kaizen rules for success
  • The Lean formula for setting prices
  • How to deploy strategy in a Lean environment
  • And much more

Great companies continuously, relentlessly improve everything they do to increase shareholder returns. Whether you’re new to Lean or already using Lean practices, Turn Waste into Wealth will help you make your company great.

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Reviews of Turn Waste Into Wealth

The author’s words match his methods: hard hitting, simple, direct, and to the point . . . in very compelling short chapters, the purpose, the principles, and the process are explained, and the resulting profits of Lean are delineated.


Mark DeLuzio’s insightful book is an essential addition to the world of Lean. It is concise, punchy, and illuminating. Importantly, Mark communicates precisely the difference between Lean tools and Lean culture, a nuance missed by many Lean experts. His book is a blueprint for CEOs in any industry who want to turn certain waste into inevitable wealth.

CLIFFORD F. RANSOM II, President and Founder, Ransom Research, Inc. (“The Way of Lean Investing”) and Life Member of the Shingo Prize Academy

I know something about Lean. In fact, I wrote a book about my experience as CEO of the Wiremold Co., where we used lean to quadruple the company’s size and increase its enterprise value by 2,500 percent in ten years. Mark DeLuzio’s Turn Waste into Wealth is an absolute “must read” for transformative managers around the world.

ART BYRNE, CEO (Ret.), Wiremold Company, author of The Lean Turnaround

Mark DeLuzio presents advice and tips on Lean management that his company used in their unique approach called the Financial Process Optimizer, enabling us to dramatically reduce the lead times and cycle times in our closing and forecasting processes. This provided us with a powerful competitive edge while also building the foundation for a Lean continuous improvement culture throughout our South American finance operations.

CARLOS ZARLENGA, Chief Financial Officer, General Motors South America (GMSA)

Mark DeLuzio’s readable and mind-opening book on how to become a Lean company is simple, understandable, and . . . actionable. He makes Lean easy. Read any chapter – nearly any sentence – and get an instant idea on how to improve your organization.

JEFFREY J. FOX, bestselling author of twelve business books including How to Become a Rainmaker