Measuring Lean Results

Your Lean journey milestones can be measured. Lean outcomes must be measured. Lean leadership should expect significant, enterprise-wide improvements. A well-conceived, well-executed Lean transformation will result in the following:

  • Quality: External quality as seen by the customer; internal quality such as reworks, rejection, redos, supplier quality. Quality should improve by a minimum of 50% per year outputs.
  • Productivity is outputs divided by inputs, such as parts produced per hour. Productivity increases should be 2% per month, or 28% per year on a compounded annual basis the first year.
  • Floor and office space should be reduced by 50%–70% in one year.
  • On-time delivery to customer request should exceed 98%.
  • Inventory should turn fifteen times per year within the first two to three years.
  • Supplier base should be reduced by 50% within the first two years.
  • Profits should increase by 100%–200% by year three.

Accurate outcomes can be developed for individual organizations in any industry. Your investment in lean should provide a twenty to thirty times ROI over the course of three years.

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